Perhaps a Prologue

Space is big.

Really, really big.

This comes as news to exactly . . . no one. Our earliest ancestors, who may have believed the stars were only hanging in the firmament, still knew them to be out of reach. Even our greatest minds differ on whether space is really, really big, or if it is, in fact, infinite – in other words, bigger than big.

But even if space turns out to be finite, man’s imagination about it is truly boundless. His earliest steps off his tiny green globe were made with the spirit of pure exploration and adventure, a desire to experience the wonders of the universe drove ever greater accomplishments.

Yet as man continues to break the bounds of his environment without, he has never been able to escape his limitations within. Man has terraformed nature on a thousand worlds, but base aspects of human nature have remained the same since Cain slew Abel, or even since the Serpent tempted Eve, if you believe that sort of thing. If you don’t, then consider parts of human nature to have failed to evolve significantly since the earliest ancestor first crawled from the muck – the description is apt.

And so, as man’s limited inner-nature expands into the limitlessness of outer-space, the chance of anyone finding the mutilated body ejected from the airlock of a passing cruise ship isn’t like finding a needle in a haystack.

It’s like finding a specific proton in an ocean.

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