New Worlds to Explore

I woke up this morning with the rare dream lingering in my head which didn’t disappear after I woke up in the night and thought, “That’s a great idea, I should write it down,” but didn’t.  I did write it down this morning when I woke up, but I’m not sharing it now – I’m hoping to develop it.  It’s basically a lo-fi Tron at the moment, we’ll see what it turns into.

When I started this blog, I stated it was to be for my sci-fi micro-fiction.  I still plan to do that, on a regular basis – more regularly, in fact, because I’ve quit my day jobs, and will be focusing on writing as my day job.  But, can’t this blog be more than that?

Now, I was never a Star Trek fan, but when I was an anthropology major in college, one of my classmates did a report in which he stated the Star Trek mission was basically an anthropological mission: “to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.”  I’m still not a Star Trek fan, but I can appreciate the nobility in the mission.

Part of the mission, then, is to report – and that’s where I’m going to take this blog.  Not only am I an aspiring sci-fi writer, but I am a life-long sci-fi fan.  So in addition to sharing snippets of my own contributions to the field, I am going to start sharing the works that inspire me, be they movies, cartoons, television shows, comic books, books, images, or even toys.  Even when writing of the vacuum of space, no science fiction artist exists in a background, and I want to share those works that inspired me to become a part of this tradition.  Sometimes, that might just mean taking a picture of a new toy and saying, “Check this out! Isn’t it super cool?”  Sometimes, it may mean a longer report on a work that I feel carries deeper personal or cultural meaning.

As for timing, however, I’m looking toward the beginning of February to really get this launched.  While the day jobs have been quit, I’m still working on some wrap-up, and will be moving to a new base of operations toward the end of January.  2016 will have me boldly going where I should have when I was younger – but as long as I can keep my sense of wonder and excitement in exploration, it will still be a worthwhile endeavor.

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