The New Invaders of the Earth

I was watching a modern sci-fi B-movie (which shall remain nameless both to protect the film itself, and me from your judgment), and one of the characters made a joke on the old, “Take me to your leader,” cliche.

It was great in the 1950’s, though it was campy even then.  But what if the alien invasion happened today?

We’re talking about aliens who have likely traveled light years to arrive at Earth, who probably possess the technology – and perhaps the will – to enslave the entire planet.

Yet they can’t access Google or a decent GPS to identify and locate our national and planetary leadership?

If they ask me, I’m not going to worry about such clueless aliens.  I’ll just tell them that our leaders are on the next planet over, but I think they’re out right now.  Maybe they should try back later.

Given our politics today, that might not be in the realm of science fiction anyway.

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