May the Fourth Be With Us, Always

I gotta admit, I’m not a huge fan of the May the Fourth/Star Wars Day thing.  Maybe it was the way I first heard about it: there was a girl, who had an unrequited thing for me before she moved away, then she got together with a guy who was a big Star Wars fan – like me, as she pointed out.  He was a nice guy, bought her stuff, and she just had to marry him – and probably because she was so happy he would buy her stuff, she was all on-board with his preferred wedding date:

“May the Fourth.”

Okay, who cares? I thought – and said.

“It’s Star Wars Day.”

I know the summer movie season now starts in May, but I had never thought of when the first Star Wars movie was released – I felt like this dude of hers was pretty hard core to go back and find the original release date, and celebrate it.

“No, you know: ‘May the Fourth be with you.'”

It’s clever, but in a way that makes you groan.  It’s clever, in a way that I would think was pretty cool – if I still happened to be in third grade.

I’m celebrating it, of course, even if it feels a little obligatory.  I’m wearing a favorite Star Wars t-shirt, and I’m currently watching Revenge of the Sith, having watched the first two prequel films earlier. I even played Star Wars: Battlefront for a while, and didn’t do too bad – until I got nailed three times in about three minutes in the final wave of a Survival Mission.  Figuring correctly that they would be on sale, I picked up the remaining Star Wars tables in my Zen Pinball app on my Kindle.  I’ve been reading a little Star Wars, even writing a little Star Wars.

It’s like I have to  confirm my own Fanboy status, and I’m afraid that if I don’t celebrate it, that means I’m not a big Star Wars fan – a question of my fanhood, rather than my manhood, if you will.

My dad even texted me before 7:00 a.m., “May the Fourth be with you!”  This stuff is pervasive.

And I suppose part of my annoyance with it is similar to my annoyance at the over-commercialization of Christmas -and like the people who keep the true meaning of Christmas, I know that I keep the spirit of Star Wars in my heart all year, and not just on an arbitrary day in early May, almost midway between the Spring and Summer Soltices, which must be some pagan celebration.  It’s not like I have Battlefront simply so I could play it on Christmas and Star Wars Day; heck, we even have the PS4 with the limited-edition Darth Vader design, and the Star Wars control pad.  I usually have a stormtrooper figure displayed somewhere in our apartment, like a personal mascot – the scout trooper has actually been out for a few days, but in honor of Star Wars Day, I pulled out a second scout trooper, as if they’re on a patrol.  And my fan fiction wasn’t inspired by Star Wars Day – the stories I have in mind were inspired by – shocking revelation – the Star Wars movies, I’m just using today to try to shake my procrastination in developing the stories.

So, like Christmas, it’s nice to have a day when the world joins us in celebrating our shared love, and put aside our differences.  Don’t begrudge the commercialization (sure to get worse, now that Disney owns the franchise); take this chance to welcome those who don’t share our daily love of all things related to the Force, for it is only by this path that we can achieve our Galactic Goal: that one day, the Force truly will be with us, always.

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