What do you do when you want action figures, but don’t have a lot of room?

Chibis, of course.

For years, I’ve collected the Teenymates for my favorite sports teams – the 2016 NFL figures are out, little linemen who almost look fierce while standing under an inch tall. My favorite Marvel and DC superheroes are also memorialized in cute plastic figures.  I was picking up the newest Teenymates at Target last week when I found another fandom had joined the club, just in time for their 50th anniversary:

Star Trek.

And they’re even cheaper than most other Chibis, putting three in a package, while most others only give two.


Did I mention I just found out about Star Trek Chibis a week ago?  It’s easy to work on the collection when you find excuses to stop at Target.  Sunday, it was shampoo and body wash.  Tuesday, I needed to get a birthday card for my dad.  Today, just thought it might be nice to have something to throw on the grill.

I’ve completed the crew, but I’m still working on collecting my villains and supporting characters.  So far, I’ve collected Khan and General Chang:


Of course, with the 50th Anniversary, you can “Look for Blue and Gold Glitter Anniversary Chibis!”  I was excited when I pulled a gold glitter Chapel in my first pack; my excitement has abated as I’ve realized that every pack contains either a blue (more common) or gold chibi.  I actually prefer the look of the regular chibis, but my two packs today gave both “Anniversary Chibis” of Gorn while I still wait to get my regular version:


I’m still looking for my regular version of Gorn, and the Talosian – as I try to complete my collection, my Star Trek Chibis will remain on my shopping list – and I’ll continue to find excuses to stop by Target.

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