The Continuing Five Year Mission

It is well known that 2016 is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek – and today is the actual 50th anniversary of the broadcast of the first episode.  You can’t overstate the legacy of a television show that lasted only three original seasons (plus an animated run), but has spawned multiple spin-offs, books, comics, and over a dozen movies, and has earned the loyal following of millions of fans worldwide.

Don’t worry, I won’t even try to state (or understate) the franchise’s impact.

I can but wonder if hundreds of years from now, as man leaves this Earth to venture to the stars, if the person who started us on the path is someone who was inspired by Roddenberry’s creation.

Happy Anniversary, Star Trek – and congratulations on having your five year mission extended ten times over, and counting.  The series has indeed lived long, and prospered beyond imagination.

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