Humble Bundle: Putting the “Science” in Science Fiction

I don’t like to sell things – I could never be involved with sales, and even my last attempt at part-time retail was a quickly aborted disaster.  As a writer, I basically have no money, and my reviews are (1) meant to steer you to spend your time and money on things I love that I think are worthwhile, and (2) generally are available either on television, streaming services (which I assume most people have access to, whether Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime), or are bargain bin finds.

But if you’re here, you’re probably into sci-fi.  And if you’re into sci-fi, I’m telling you that you should check out the Humble Bundle before September 28.

I discovered the Humble Bundle a couple years ago, and I love the concept:  it’s a “pick your price” content provider, with additional premium content available at reasonable step-up prices; I’ve only paid over $20 on a few occasions, and the sheer volume of content at the top tier is insane.  The biggest portion of the payment goes to the content publisher, but 15% of the purchase goes to charity – and if you’re not thrilled with the charities support by the current bundle, you’re always free to pick an alternative (though, I never have).  Heck, one of the cool things about the Humble Bundle is learning about charities that are helping in areas I had never even considered.

The book bundle which just went live today is “Science Fiction by REAL Scientists,” with an excellent selection of e-books from Springer.  I decided to jump on the deal when I saw the premium tier, which has four non-fiction books discussing real, current science issues commonly portrayed in science fiction, including medical/biological/genetic issues, and alien life in the universe; as a writer, and as a sci-fi lover with a limited science background, these books alone let me consider my purchase an “investment.”

But that’s not all!

(There is no latent salesman inside me.  But I had to say it.)

The basic bundle and the mid-tier bundle each have five books, mostly fiction ranging from space exploration, alien encounters, and genetic enhancement.  One of the cool things about the books, however, is that each contains a non-fiction appendix detailing the real science used in the story.  I’ve always believed that the best fiction doesn’t just entertain, it also expands your mind; this bundle not only expands your mind, but literally educates you.

The charities supported with this bundle are UNICEF and the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), so you’re supporting worldwide humanitarian efforts, and the artists who produce the works we love.

The bundle is only active for two weeks, so go check it out!

Humble Book Bundle: Science Fiction by REAL Scientists

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