Failed Analogies

I wouldn’t be posting this if I hadn’t just posted the review for The Day the Earth Stood Still, but this one just has to be shared.

I have an older episode of Bones on in the background while working on some writing this morning; certainly not science fiction in the traditional sense, but definitely fiction focused on science.  Temperence “Bones” Brennan, for those of you unfamiliar with the show, is brilliant in her field, but not so brilliant when it comes to understanding regular social interactions, and how to engage people.  This is quirky when she’s working on the case, but as the episode shows, it’s not so charming when she’s on the stand testifying before a jury.

The federal prosecutor takes Bones to task for this, even before the more charming (but less rigorous) defense expert testifies.  In chastising Bones for her demeanor, she charges:

“You come across as a robotic Klaatu.”

Unfortunately, Bones is not well-versed in pop culture, and Agent Booth, her regular partner, is more an action guy than a sci-fi nerd, so no one gets what we here in the Galaxy know right away: Gort is the robot, Klaatu is the alien.  (Of course, given Klaatu’s demeanor in either version of the film, the alien attitude does come across as somewhat robotic by Earth standards.)

It’s amazing these prosecutors can manage their cases at all, given their weak grasp of the facts . . .

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